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Making Music


DJ Manimal is an Anime DJ who is able to combine Anime, JPOP and Trance songs all into one set to create an unforgettable performance.



JERO11 is a metal guitarist that is heavily inspired by traditional Japanese instrumentation (和楽器ギターメタル or Wagakki Guitar Metal🤘🏽🎸).



LELE is an Australian born singer/songwriter and performer who specialises in Japanese influenced electronic pop music. She appeals to a vast array of pop culture, anime and gaming enthusiasts of all age groups



nattoheads are a live J-rock/anime cover band! Chock full of musical talent, this international group joined forces to spread their love of noughties J-rock and anime OSTs. Featuring bangers from Naruto, Demon Slayer, One Punch Man and more!



L J English is the world's only British enka singer. He specialises in covers of Showa Kayoukyoku and Enka. "Show Kayoukyoku" means "Pop songs from the Showa Era" (1926 to 1989).


KODAMA - こだま 

こだま [Kodama] is Akiharu Kitagawa & Clementine Blue. Weaving together the ethereal sound of the Koto harp and the deep tone of analogue synthesisers, the duo is exploring a cross-genre musical collaboration. 



Aki Kitagawa is a koto player based in Nottingham. He plays the Ikuta-ryu koto and is a member of Sawai Koto Institute. His repertoire of music include both Japanese classical that gives a delicate atmosphere, and modern music that are upbeat and occasionally intense. He actively collaborates with musicians from the UK and across Europe to explore the possibility of koto and outreach to wider music communities.


Who are we?

We are an artist agency specializing in the promotion and booking of talent within the Anime and subculture industry, we cater to a diverse range of events such as conventions, festivals, clubs, local gatherings, universities, concerts, cultural events, and private parties. Our extensive experience of over two decades in the music and artist arena enables us to offer unparalleled services to our clients. Trust us to elevate your event with top-notch talent and seamless execution.

Our Services

We have exclusive representation of  artists and/or have direct contacts with the artist or with artists managers. We can provide artists with a range of services, namely management:

Music Concert
  • Advise on contract negotiations with producers.

  • Negotiate gig and contract agreements.

  • Develop the artists' brand.

  • Lead marketing efforts for the artist, including creating merchandise and digital resources.

  • Schedule tours and shows.

  • Work with booking agents, labels, and producers.


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