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Sunday 29th September 2024


11:00AM - 5:00PM

Japan Fest's Aim

For the first time in Buxton, we will be holding an event in celebration of Japanese culture. This event is being meticulously crafted by passionate and motivated individuals to bring just a small taste of Japan to Buxton. Activities for this cultural event include Japanese arts and crafts, authentic handmade food, Japanese inspired drinks, performances, Activity areas, and anime plus much more with the hope that we can one, cater to the Japanese community and two, create an environment where the average person, no matter the age, can enjoy a day immersed in a culture which otherwise would be near impossible to engage with.

What to expect

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Otaku World Derby

Otaku World is passionate team that envisions bringing all anime and Japanese enthusiast together under one roof. Our first steps in achieving this was the opening of our anime store in Derby, it has proved very successful. Our second step towards our goal was the introduction of our anime event, Otaku Link.


Otaku Link’s foundation is built upon the idea of giving anime fans a place to relax and enjoy everything anime has to offer. We are different then other conventions as we have constructed the event in a way that promotes social interaction. Otaku Link is better described as an anime club, where attendees are actively engaged in activities based around Anime thus creating long lasting friendships and an inclusive community. We are now taking the third step in our adventure by incorporating the vast array of other parts of Japanese culture, this brings us to Japan Fest.

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