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Unlock The Otaku Audience Today

What exactly is the Bunpu Flyer Pack ?

Introducing the Bunpu Flyer Pack, Otaku World LTD's targeted marketing solution for businesses aiming to engage Anime and Japanese culture enthusiasts. Complementing traditional methods like Facebook and Google ads, the pack ensures exposure to 4,000 - 6,000 passionate individuals through distribution at Japanese Culture and Anime events. An additional 2,000 packs will be dispersed to select shops and businesses in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. This strategic approach aligns with both the interests and location of the target audience, offering businesses a direct avenue to connect with this niche demographic.

And what exactly is the "Otaku Audience"?

The Otaku Audience is a dynamic demographic defined by their fervent passion for all things Japanese. While their primary focus lies in Anime, their enthusiasm extends far beyond, delving into realms like Japanese cuisine, automotive culture, art, gaming, fashion, and more. Anime serves as the gateway, igniting a curiosity that propels them towards a myriad of Japanese interests. 

Moreover, this demographic often finds themselves exploring other Asian cultures, they’re more likely to express interest in Korean, Chinese or Thai culture than your average person. 

Join us in unlocking the potential of this thriving market, where each interest fuels the next, amplifying the reach and impact of your brand.

Why should you Advertise with us?

Targeted Marketing

The flyer pack directly reaches the passionate and engaged audience of anime and Japanese enthusiasts, ensuring that your advertisements are seen by those who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

High Engagement

Anime enthusiasts are known for their active participation and engagement within their community. Advertising in this flyer pack provides an opportunity to capture their attention in a format they appreciate, increasing the likelihood of interaction with your brand.

Word of Mouth Potential

Anime communities are often tightly-knit and vocal about their interests. By advertising in this flyer pack, you have the potential to generate positive word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations among enthusiasts, amplifying the reach and impact of your advertising efforts.

Event Integration

The flyer pack is distributed at events such as anime conventions and cultural festivals, advertising within it provides an opportunity for your brand to be associated with the excitement and energy of these events, further enhancing brand visibility and appeal.

Unique Oppotunity

Advertising in a specialized flyer pack catering specifically to anime and Japanese enthusiasts offers a unique and less saturated advertising channel compared to more mainstream platforms. This allows your brand to stand out and capture attention more effectively.

Cost Effective

Compared to traditional advertising channels, advertising in a flyer pack targeting anime and Asian enthusiasts may offer a more cost-effective solution with potentially higher returns on investment due to the targeted nature of the audience and the lower cost of production and distribution.

Distribution Locations

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We Also Offer A Design Service

We will be offering a design service where we will make your advert for you. If you're interested in this please make sure to mention it when filling out the Interest form. 


Contact Info

Manuele Giacone

Phone: 07904675911


Open Hours: 09:00AM - 17:00PM

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