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Apply for a Table at our Events!

How it works

Once you fill out the form below you will be added to our database of store holders. When the time comes, if we have space, and your stall fits within our theme we will contact you with an application form. 

Please be aware that filling out the form below does not guarantee you a place at our events. We will pick stores from our database when we start preparing for said event.

We will buy all manga collections, whether complete or not. We offer fair prices for the manga you want to sell, your collection will then be sold to other collectors again at fair prices. We here at Otaku World believe in reusability and recycling, we will take the manga you no longer need and find it a new home. 

With Otaku World you will have peace of mind that your manga will end up with people that share the same passion for the hobby as yourself. We want to build a system that allows you to buy and trade manga as and when you feel its time to move onto your next manga adventure.

Join Our Store Holder Database
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Your Information will now be entered into out database!

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