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Ticket Prices


Day Ticket: £7

After Party Ticket: £5

SUNDAY 25th August 2024
The Old Bell Hotel
Day Event: 11:30am - 6:00pm
After Party: 7:30pm - 11:30pm

*Online booking fees apply

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DJ Manimal is an Anime DJ who is able to combine Anime, JPOP and Trance songs all into one set to create an unforgettable performance.



Dian Cathal, a New York stand-up featured on HBO, BBC, and the MCU, was a 2022 Pride’s Got Talent finalist and is bringing his Pokemon-themed comedy to Otaku Link.

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From a parallel planet, FAIRIE, 22, lives in pink, pastel, and sparkle, performing electronic synth pop influenced by Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and East Asian pop artists.



CJ Stardust is a young Derby singer that absolutely loves bringing joy to people with her voice. She sings a wide range of genres from anime to Disney, so there's something for everyone!

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SolarbubblesTV, also known as Willow, is a vibrant 21-year-old cosplayer from the southeast of England. With four years of online cosplaying under her belt, Willow has captivated a loyal audience of over 400,000 followers across various platforms. She's renowned for her delightful, quirky videos and her stunning handmade custom Miku cosplays. Willow's unique blend of creativity and humor has made her a beloved figure in the cosplay community, bringing characters to life with her distinctive charm and craftsmanship.



Otaku Link 10 will be hosting a total of 3 different Anime Quizzes! Test your anime knowledge and battle other participants to claim your prize! You will be able to participate on your phone by entering a specific URL you will receive on the day of the event. If you’re familiar with Kahoot, it's similar to that, so although it's tempting no Inappropriate names please XD. 


Now the most important part, the PRIZES! Each winner will receive £10 store credit to our Otaku World store located on St James's Street Derby. 


How do we pick a winner if multiple people all get the answers right I hear you ask, the quicker you answer the question the more points you get!


Welcome to Otaku Link 10, where the extraordinary world of cosplay comes alive! Join us at our highly anticipated Cosplay Parade hosted by the talented DIAN, FAIRE and CJ. This spectacular event invites all participants to flaunt their magnificent cosplays to the entire convention.


With creativity and craftsmanship on full display, the Cosplay Parade promises a thrilling showcase of talent and passion. And that's not all! We have exciting prizes awaiting the top three cosplays, adding an extra layer of competition and reward to this remarkable event. Prepare to be dazzled and inspired by the incredible cosplayers at Otaku Link 9's Cosplay Parade!

Prize 1: 2 Otaku Link 11 Tickets + £30 Online Voucher

Prize 2: £20 Online Voucher

Prize 3: £10 Online Voucher

Talent Spot!

Discover your spotlight moment at Otaku Link 10 with "Otaku Link's Talent Spot" – a golden opportunity for aspiring performers to showcase their talents on a vibrant stage! Embracing diversity and creativity, this platform invites individuals with a passion for singing, dancing, cosplay, and more to captivate the audience with their unique skills. Participants not only stand a chance to shine at Otaku Link 10 but may also secure a coveted spot as an Otaku Link Performer at future events!

Don't let your talent go unnoticed; seize the spotlight and join us at Otaku Link 10. Whether it's your first step onto the stage or a chance to elevate your skills, this is the perfect opportunity to share your passion with an enthusiastic audience. Sign up below, and let Otaku Link 10 be the canvas for your extraordinary talents!

Movie Room

At Otaku Link 10, the movie room offers a cozy, intimate setting that transforms a simple back room into a niche cinephile's haven. Nestled behind a lively bar, this unique space features a large screen and a projector, providing a perfect spot for anime enthusiasts to gather and enjoy a curated selection of anime films and shows. The compact, relaxed atmosphere fosters a community vibe, allowing fans to connect over shared passions. From classic anime to the latest series, the movie room is an understated gem where the spirit of anime comes to life in a personal, engaging way.

Sonic Mania Speed Running Competiton

Info coming soon

Drawing Competition, Board Games & Raffle

Otaku Link 10 is thrilled to host a Manga Drawing Competition, where aspiring artists can showcase their skills for a chance to win a £10 store gift voucher. This creative contest invites participants to bring their favorite manga characters to life on paper. Alongside the drawing competition, attendees can dive into a selection of classic and contemporary board games, offering a playful break between events. The excitement continues with a raffle drawing, giving everyone a chance to win delightful anime-themed prizes. This trio of activities ensures a fun-filled, interactive experience, perfect for anime fans looking to test their luck and creativity.

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7:30PM - 11:30PM





The Old Bell Hotel
51 Saddler Gate


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