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Anime Quizes

Otaku Link 3 will be hosting a total of 3 different Anime Quizes! Test your anime knowledge and battle other participants to claim your prize! Each quiz will cover anime from a different decade to make sure a wide variety of anime is covered! The quizzes will be able to be taken from your phone by entering a specific URL you will receive on the day of the event. If you’re familiar with Kahoot, it's similar to that, so although it's tempting No Inappropriate name please XD. 


Each quiz is 15 questions long and they will be scattered throughout the day around other activities that will be going on.


Now the most important part, the PRIZES! Each winner will receive £10 store credit to our Otaku World store located in the Eagle Market, Derby. 


How do we pick a winner if multiple people all get the answers right I hear you ask, the quicker you answer the question the more points you get!


Quiz 1: 1990 - 2000 Anime

Quiz 2: 2000 - 2010 Anime 

Quiz 3: 2010 - 2022 Anime


Live Music


MION is a singer - songwriter from Japan who is currently based in the UK. She won the national YAMAHA Music Revolution competition in Japan when she was only 16! This is what helped her launch her professional singing career. 


Since that time she has been active for over 10 years, seeing national success across Japan by performing as a soloist, also becoming popular in Canada and Korea. Her hit single SUMMER MAGIC topped the Oricon Music Charts in 2016. MION has also performed at major music festivals supporting popular anime music stars such as Eir Aoi (SAO, Kill la Kill), Silent Siren (Anohana) and Nami Tamaki (Gundam Seed, D Gray - Man) just to name a few.


For her live, inspired and beautiful performance at Otaku Link she will be singing a mix of her own singles and some of the more famous anime songs. You do not want to miss this amazing opportunity to hear anime songs sung live and by an amazing professional. 


DJ Mannimal 


Attendees of Otaku Link 1 and 2 are probably clued in on who DJ Manimal is now and what he brings to the event. If you’re new let me quickly set the scene. DJ Manimal is a Yuko Fox running away from the God of sea and sky, Susanno. The only weapon he wields, his music. 


He carries his audience through a magical melody fluttered with Anime songs, KPOP and to break it up, a little bit of trance. His set will take through a range of feelings as emotions from the anime you recognize bubble up to the surface, it's like you’re reliving the first time you watched that anime. DJ Manimal has a visual element to his performance, behind him will be AMV’s (Anime Music Videos) to aid his performance and help engage the audience. KPOP and Trance are added to break the set up and give people time to recoup from the hype anime moments. This type of DJing is not being done by anyone else, it's another must see!



Otaku Link 3 will be holding two types of tournaments with the prizes being £10 store credit at our store in the Eagle Market, Derby. After feedback from Otaku Link 2 we will be switching out the Tokyo Ghoul board game.


Pokemon Switch Tournament 


Our Pokemon switch tournament was very successful at Otaku Link 2, we played in round robin fashion so everyone got a good deal of playtime. To enter this tournament you will need your own switch as well as Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you’re interested in this tournament please sign up and read the rules here.


Yu Gi Oh Tournament 


Our Yu-Gi-Oh tournament will be played with normal playing cards. Rules and sign up can be found here.



Fan Art

Any anime, any character is allowed. We will provide you with room to draw or you can bring in pre-drawn artwork to submit. The winner will be announced via Instagram and Facebook and not at the event. The winner will receive £10 Otaku World store credit!

Original Art 

In this competition we will be looking for artwork that is anime/Japanese inspired. The winner will get their art work added to the Otaku World Clothing limited edition collection and will receive royalties for their design. There will be a limited run of 4 T shirts that will be sold at the next Otaku Link. Please stay away from copyrighted content if you want to enter this competition.

Hand in your art work to Rhys at the event, he will undoubtedly be wearing an Tanjiro head band XD

Please leave a way to contact you on the back of the artwork!

Good Luck!


Japanese Food

As always we will be hosting stores that are committed to producing the freshest and finest authentic Japanese food. From Onigiri to sushi, we will have a good mixture of proper Japanese food. If you’ve ever wondered what the food you see in anime tastes like, wonder no more! 


There will also be anime and japanese themed drinks and snacks, energy drinks taste better when they’ve got One Piece or Dragon ball z plastered on the front xD. Just like at Otaku Link 2 we will be hosting the amazing store that is L&L who will be providing your normal cakes and snacks with an anime twist! 


Please ask for allergy information before purchasing anything if you have a known allergy.


At this Otaku Link we will be holding an Anime Auction!

You will be able to pick up some rare items from the Anime and Manga industry, items you'll maybe only see once in your life!

Items yet to be announced

Meet The Guests



MION is a singer - songwriter from Japan who is currently based in the UK. She won the national YAMAHA Music Revolution competition in Japan when she was only 16! This is what helped her launch her professional singing career. 

She will be covering a mix of some of your favourite anime as well as a few of her own singles!






Manimal mixes songs that no DJ has ever attempted before. Through the use of his gift he is able to mix K – POP, JPOP and anime songs into one set, something the world has yet to see. His music takes you on a journey through happy times, sad times, mysterious times and most importantly hype times. This is a sound I guarantee you have never heard before.

You can find some of his set from the first otaku link here




Kawa Para is based in Lancashire: the northwest of the UK.  They are a team of two enthusiastic people who have experienced kawaii culture first hand whilst living in Japan and wish to bring that experience to the UK.

Kawa Para will be bringing the kawaii culture movement to the UK by offering a range of extremely kawaii things!




Otaku World

Hey, its us!


We will, as always, have a store at the otaku link event. We hold back figures for months! finding the most elusive and beautiful figures we can source from Japan just for this one day.


With upper management taking a trip to Japan throughout the whole of march, you can bet there will be some extra special stuff at Otaku Link 3.




L & L

L & L are wizards when it comes to cake making! They attended otaku link 2 and everyone was very impressed with their anime inspired cakes and brownies!

You'll think you've been isekai'd into the cake realm! 





Phantom is a artist / Illustrator based on Instagram. She was a big hit at Otaku Link 2 and we're glad to be welcoming her back once again!


 She does amazing Anime badges among other things! Our store manager wears her badge constantly 😁 Very talented individual!



Starlia Art

Starlia is an up and coming artist that has unique and gorgeous art that takes normal looking anime characters and puts a brilliant twist on them. She draws characters from Sk8 to genshin impact! She and her sister will be the go to genshin impact stall holders of Otaku Link 3.


She and Cherryrose are also a genius cosplayers, able to take a character and replicate them down to the smallest detail


cherry creations.PNG

Cherryrose Creations

Another amazing up and coming artist, Cherryrose’s art is bright and bold and extends from genshin impact to characters from frozen! Looking through her instagram I can already picture some of her art framed and hung on my own wall! 


Cherryrose is the sister of Starlia, and together bring with them some of the best looking cosplay to have graced Otaku Link yet! Really looking forward to having her stall at Otaku Link 3!



The Vintage Hawk

The vintage hawk will be creating your very own Chibi portraits! Come and have yourself and your friends drawn in the authentic Chibi style! Ever wondered what you'd look like drawn in anime style? If the answer is yes, don't miss this opportunity !

The Vintage Hawk will also be selling her Chibi art that rivals all Chibi art we've ever come across! 



Otaku World Clothing

This will be Otaku World Clothing second Otaku Link. They bring with them some amazing anime themed clothing, gorgeous accessories and some streetwear x anime cross overs. 

Otaku World Clothing comes under the umbrella of Otaku World Ltd, along side Otaku World and Otaku Link. 




Cloudiilink is a returning artist for Otaku Link 3. They are bringing with them some beautiful pieces of art with lovely stylistic drawings that are completely unique and you won't find anywhere else!

They have art of anime characters but also some League of Legends! Very different from other store holders!